CSC/CPE 471 2014F | Section 1
Section 3
Instructor: Shinjiro Sueda
(Projects with the same number of votes are ordered randomly.)
Mountain Lake

Kyle Piddington

30 votes
Breaking Bricks with Mario and Luigi

Brady Thomas

30 votes
Changing Lanes

Sean Troehler

21 votes
Runners Up
Barnes Hut Universe Simulation

Donovan McKelvey / Nico Higuera

12 votes
Zombie Madness

Billy Aujla

11 votes

Ryan Quinlan

10 votes
Archery Game

Torrin Smith

9 votes
Super Luigi Kart

Sean Teeling

7 votes
Post-Apocalyptic World (Part 2)

Jonathan Lin

7 votes

Kevin Stein

7 votes
Airplane Simulator

Wasae Qureshi

7 votes
Honorable Mentions
My Awesome Grid World

CY Tan

Space Exploration

Spencer Lewson

Post Apocalyptic Village (Part 1)

Alexa Francis

Vertical World

Jonathan Miranda

3D Tiny Tower Simulator

Josephine Suen

Slenderman 2 (Bunny Edition)

Terrence Li

The Carrotnator

Jordan Lin

Traveling the Solar System

Dominic Romualdo

Ballin Cups

Ryan Lee

Dragon Breathing Fire

Megan Arnez

Nightly Roll

Benny Naftali

Android OpenGL ES

Kyle Lozier

Maze Game

Annie Liu

Scene Creator

Aaron Pramana


Mariel Sanchez

Find them All

Donny Percivalle


Winifred Lee

Magic Bunny

Matthew Mitchell

Rain Simulation

Steven Tan

Target Practice

Riley McGovern

Modern 3D Room

Varsha Roopreddy

Cat Sim

Derrick Ho

My Awesome Pinball Machine

Corey Wilson

My Dancing Pet Robot

Melissa Wang

Asteroid Avoidance

Ian O'Rourke