My Awesome Pinball Machine

CSC 471 Final Project

S. Sueda's Class by Corey Wilson



For my final project I decided tocreate a simple pinball game. The goal of the game is to keep the pinball from falling past the bumpers. If this happens, the player loses one of three total lives. Every collision with a wall or object earns points earns the player a certain amount of points depending on which surface the pinball collides with. Players can compete for the high score. All objects were hand created by myself. Collision detection is done by using barycentric coordinates and dot products to determine if points on the sphere (pinball) are located within object triangles. Credit goes to Syoyo for the tiny object loader and Shinjiro Sueda for camera, matrix, and shader source code.


Spacebar: use bumpers
'N' key: start new game