Airplane Simulator

Wasae Qureshi

Instructor: Shinjiro Sueda


This airplane simulator allows the user to fly an airplane in a deserted location. Users can maneuver around the plane up, down, left and right. As the user moves, the airplane will also animate in that direction. The user can also increase the speed of the airplane and do barrel rolls. Lastly if the user doesn't fly the airplane properly and hits the land, the airplane with crash and explode!


Features that I implemented in my project were:

  • Adjusting the jet to the Camera
  • Animating the jet with the direction the user pressed
  • Using perlin noise to make the world and shading on the different mountain ranges formed from perlin noise
  • Collision detection with the world
  • Particle effects when the plane collided with any part of the world
  • Controls

    w: Up                        Space: Boost
    s: Down                      q: Barrel Roll
    a: Left                      1: Moves jet further from camera
    d: right                     2: Moves jet closer to camera


    This is how the game would start and look.

    I zoomed the camera out a bit so you can see the world. That world is generated using the perlin noise effect.

    When the plane crashes, it blows up and shows the particle effect. It was hard to screenshot this so I made a video which you can watch to see the effects live.


    I wanted to add some trees to my world so that it looked prettier. Another thing that looked cool that I saw on other projects was that people had text on the window which would be cool to put speed of the plane, altitude, longitude to make the game look nicer. But as of now I am proud of what I have done for the time.