HotCold HotCold
By Winifred Lee

Description: HotCold is a simple game that involves the player finding special bunnies hiding in the wood. They only come out at night, so the player must search through the darkness and only has a limited field of vision. To assist the player, he or she is given a compass that doubles as a sensor. The sensor changes colors notifying the player of his or her distance from a bunny. If the player is out of range, the sensor displays a grey color. As a player draws closer to a bunny, the sensor starts to blink a green, yellow, or red color. After finding a bunny, a message, "Item is found. You win!", is printed on the screen. To find another bunny, the player must move around allow the sensor to calibrate to another bunny. Good Luck!

Controls: Sample Video:


Note: Sensor is the window on the bottom left hand corner. The pitch and yaw values are printed to help the player be aware of their orienation. The black corner of the sensor is the compass, which points north (yaw = 0).

Features Implemented: Texture Used:

Forest Floor