Dragon Breathing Fire

by Megan Arnez

CSC 471-01 Fall 2014 - Professor Sueda

Program Description:

For my project I decided to make a scene where the user could roam around as a dragon and breathe fire. The scene is filled with trees and the dragon can navigate around them. When the dragon breathes fire and hits a tree, the tree will start to smoke.

Sample Output:

Fire Smoke

The fire is simulated using a particle system from one of our labs. Collision detection is used between the particles and the trees. If the fire hits the tree, the velocity and color of the particle changes. Phong shading is used for the dragon and I used the camera space normals to set the colors for the trees. The camera can move around like a first person shooter game. The dragon is positioned with respect to the camera at a slight offset. This made it so I didn't have to animate the dragon walking around.


W = move foward
A = move left
S = move backwards
D = move right
' ' (spacebar) = breath fire
move mouse = rotate dragon around