CSC/CPE 471 2014F | Section 3
Section 1
Instructor: Shinjiro Sueda
(Projects with the same number of votes are ordered randomly.)
Super Mario Diagonalized

Ian Smith-Grove

28 votes
Battle Planets

Todd Bertorelli

25 votes
PLANET: Procedural Land and Nautical Earth Terrains

Nikolai Shkurkin

22 votes
Runners Up
Simple Portal

Alexander Miller

13 votes
Bunny Attack!

Eric Sobel

11 votes
OpenGL Game of Life

Drew Troxell

11 votes

Quinton Petty

11 votes

Justin Loundagin

9 votes
Solar System Ride

Ryan Zink

7 votes
Audio Visualizer

Cody Sears

6 votes
Honorable Mentions
Ring Collector Ultra

Daniel Wiseman

Trees from "L"

Lejon Mcgowan

Kart Racer

Noah Harper

Bend it Like Binh

Binh Robles

Aero Acrobat

Carson Carroll

FPS Bunny Target Practice

Zach Mintzer

Bunny vs. Cars

Daniel Pierson


Ebele Okonkwo

Simple Android Platformer

Adam Mozek

Hole in the Wall

Marie Grap

Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

Anika Morris

2014: An Asteroids Adventure

Andrew Caddell

Alien Invasion

Daniel Mangin

Bubble Burst

Patrick Noble

Pop the Balloons

Jonathan Pae

Evil Bunnies and Cubes

Thomas Nguyen

Spacy Birds

Emmett Harper

Tic Tac Toe

Stanley Tang

Be A Maze D

Amanda Toan

Bunny Shooter in Space

Allen Wong

Super Stardust HDX

Archit Mendiratta

Seasons Simulator

Sterling Tarng

Climbing Challenge Map

Justin Rovin