The Carrotnator: Catch all ze carrots if you want to live!!


Jordan Lin


You the player must evade the gigantic bunny while collecting it's power source, it's carrots. If you collect all 7 colored carrots of the rainbow you win. However, the more carrots you collect the angry the bunny becomes. The angrier the bunny, the faster the bunny. If the bunny catches you it will laugh as you cower before your implending doom...


When the game starts, the bunny is still young and starts off as an egg.

The egg grows bigger every minute. It takes around 10 seconds before it hatches, and the beast inside is released.

The egg hatches and births the monstronsity known as...The Bunny. You have time to start collecting carrots as the bunny is still accustoming to its current environment.

These are the things you want to collect. Every time you collect one you'll hear a cash $$ noise. These disappear after you take them and the bunny gets faster. Be careful.

The Bunny is still a bunny after all so it takes time for it to hop towards you.

If it catches you... You're dead. It will laugh at you before devouring you.

Libraries and Functionality

Some features of this program include the scaling of the egg, the hopping effect of the bunny, the basic ai of the bunny, and the music.
To implement the constant background noise and the other sound effects, SFML was used. It's a free lib/framework to play sound in C/C++.
For the scaling and hopping effect, it movement and/or growth was based off the time of the machine. The scaling being a linear time, and the hopping effect a sin wave. As for the ai element, the bunny travels a direct route to the player and always faces the player (rotates depending on the players location).


I used thingverse for all objects involved. Also the shaders and object loaders are written and/or based of Sueda Sensei's code.