Final Project

Kyle Lozier

CPE 471 - Introduction to Computer Graphics

My intent was to render a fire particle effect to a texture, then project the texture onto an object. The mindset behind this was to create an object that looks as though it is made of fire while using topics we have covered in this class. However, in addition to this, I wanted to change from the standard OpenGL to OpenGL ES using the Android platform.
While the idea was great and seemed simple, the amount of work to move our provided libraries over to Android, combined with the added nuances of the Android platform, proved to be a more time consuming task than expected.
As such, I have given as much implementation as time has allotted for me, and have provided images of the progress I have made below. The details of my progress are as follows:
Here is the source code: Android source (uses the Android Studio IDE) C++ source And a screen recording of scene.obj spinning on an Android device: Screen Recording (10 sec)