Slenderman 2 (Bunny Edition)
by Terrence Li

CSC471-01 Fall 2014 - Professor Shinjiro Sueda
California Polytechnic State University


To create a scary game where the goal is to collect bunnies

Sample Output:

User Guide and Instructions:

Design an interactive game using keyboards
Incorporate physics
Allow for camera mode to view surroundings
Create multiple bodies to engage player by creating challenges with defenders
Collect bunnies

"W" to move forward
"A" to move left
"S" to move down
"D" to move right
Walk over bunny to pick it up
Be careful and don't get caught by Slenderman or else the ground will turn red
The redder the ground is the closer you are to your DEMISE!!!

How I Created the Game

Have an enemy chase after the player
Create dark setting for eerie effect
Use collision detection to detect if bunny picked up, each time bunny picked up create another defender to chase.
Move around in the environment
As you collect more bunnies, aliens will start chasing you as well so be careful for them!
If defender catches player, game over


Ben Cervantes, Wierd World