My robot has a rounded features to appear like a gentle giant. He likes to do the gangnam dance. He has different spotlights on him and in his final form he looks like Big Hero 6.

1. You can scroll through each component using the '.' and ',' keys.
2. You can use the x,y,z keys to rotate the components, but they have minimum and maximum values.
3. You can toggle through the different spotlights using l.
4. Finally when you want him to dance you just press d.

Implementation notes:

I created multiple positions for the robot to do. In the dance I had a case statement which would use a counter and when the counter reached a certain case it would go to the different positions. What took the longest time was calculating the exact angles for each body part and then it was a lot of testing to make sure that he was doing the right thing.

I tried to implement different spotlights however I didn't know how to narrow the spotlight and it turned into ugly colors. I wish I had allowed for color customization with the r,g,b keys unfortunately I didn't think of that until too late.
If I had more time I would have included backup dancers and thrown in more dance moves. I would also want to create a dance floor and a disco ball that would emit lights outward.