Graff3D is a graffiti drawing simulator inspired by Sega's Jet Set Radio for the dreamcast. The world starts off black and white and the users flies around with their spray can and spray paints colour into the world. When the paint collides with and object the object takes on the whichever color the paint was set to.




The spray paint's cone intersects the bench and the bench's color changes.

Even the floor is paintable. The floor is a very fine mesh for maximum precision.

It even ACTS like real paint in getting all over everything. Make sure to spread a tarp!

The bunny is also fully paintable. Here are just the ears.

The squares are supposed to represent stars in the night sky - also paintable to look like a smiley face.


The OpenGL reference pages
The GLUT reference pages
Cel shading tutorial
Sphere collision detection (thanks John for reminding me this was an option)
Obj files for the world
Monster Energy for keeping me awake while working on this project (I wasn't paid to do this I swear)
Professor Sueda's office hours