CSC/CPE 474 2015W
Instructor: Shinjiro Sueda
(Projects with the same number of votes are ordered randomly.)
Roller Coaster Builder

Sean Troehler

25 votes
Air Ribbons

CY Tan

23 votes
Freeform Deform

Kyle Piddington

17 votes
Runners Up
Ladder Climber Simulator: Broken Bones Edition

Nikolai Shkurkin

12 votes
Particle Pong

Alex Cross

11 votes

Todd Bertorelli

10 votes
Cheb Cheb Revolution

Jonathan Miranda

9 votes
Skin IK

Charles Lockner

8 votes
Honorable Mentions
Particles of Fluid

LeJon Mcgowan

The Green Arrow

Oliver Xia

Breaking Bridge

Andrew Wang

Deformable Mesh Shield

Andrew McMuldroch


Andrew Acosta

Cloth Cutter

Cody Thompson

Natural Disasters

Kyle Lozier


Raymond Pederson


Nathan Farnum

One Night Stroll

Peter Tran

Paper Cranes and the Power of Keyframes!

Katie Davis

Apache Helicopter vs Monster

Mandy Chan


Justin Fujikawa

Carnival Game

Zachary Glazer

Bend It Like Billy

Billy Aujla

Spline Roads, Take Me Home

Noah Harper

Roller Coaster Tycoon 4: Beta

Torrin Smith

Starfox 64 Boss Fight

Adam Mozek


Thomas Sanford

Super Mario Face Stretching

Luke Plewa

Cheb Dance Party

Alyssa Compania

Aero Acrobat

Carson Carroll

Roller Coaster

Pooja Shah

Missile Sim

Patrick Noble

Helicopter Bunny Pursuit

Daniel Pierson