Bend it like Billy

Bend it like Billy

By Balraj Aujla


My final project is an interactive soccer ball phyiscs simulation. The ball travles through the air using a combination of drag, magnus, and gravitational force. When it hits the soccer net, the net applies a force back on the ball and it bounces back.


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Drag Force: (1/2 * C * P * (r^2 * PI)) * v/||v||
Magnus Force: 1/2 *C * P * A * V * (W x V)
Gravitational Force: F = MA
To simulte the cloth the ball just becomes part of the cloth and then bounces back once the cloth has exerted it's force


Shinjiro Sueda, for all the base code he gave us during the class. TO Benjamin Binh for the soccer ball obj and texture.