CPE 474 Final Project - Missile Sim

Patrick Noble

Spring, 2015

Instructor: Shinjiro Sueda


Missile Sim is a 3D guided missile game and simulator that was designed to test the capabilities of spline curves and the Ceres solver tool. It was also to be used as an exercise in particle effects and physics. The methodology includes having a flying target, such as the helicopter shown below, fly along a set spline curve using arc length parameterization. Next, missiles are created near the bottom edge of the camera's view, to be fired off in succession. A missile flight path would be generated using psuedo random control points and a catmull-rom spline. Ceres would then be used to calculate the initial trajectory for the missiles to be shot in order to intercept the target. Unfortunately, I mistook the due date for a later date and was unable to complete most of the objectives. What is complete includes the flying target, and missiles that track it's flight path with non-randomized spline curves.


Function Key
space: Start the target (helicopter) animation
left mouse click: fire next available missile



Base game state                                    Mouse clicked to fire missile


Multiple missiles in flight