Cheb Cheb Revolution is a 2 player game heavily inspired by Dance Dance Revolution.


The controls for Cheb Cheb Revolution are simple:
To start (and restart) the game: press SPACEBAR. For Player 1:

  • Left: A
  • Up: S
  • Down: D
  • Right: F
For Player 2:
  • Left: J
  • Up: K
  • Down: L
  • Right: ;

The object of the game is to get more points than the other player. Points are gained based on how accurate your key presses are.



  • Characters (chebs) were provided by my instructor.
  • I used simple Toon Shading for the chebs. The arrows and particles are colored at random.
  • Points are drawn and are color coordinated with their character.

  • Particles are used for the "disco lights" and for the arrows.
  • The camera moves based on a set catmull rom spline.
  • Collision detection is based off of the Y-coordinate since the X-coordinates are fixed.
  • The animations are created via provided motion files that we parsed to skin the characters.
  • For every collision, there's a random chance that your character will switch between animations.

  • At the end of the game, the winner is scaled up in size.

Bonus Low Quality Gif!