Carnival Game

Zachary Glazer's CSC 474 Final Project

For my Final Project, I decided to make a carnival game. The game uses many of the things we learned in class. It uses, simulated cloth with implicit Euler, particle systems using symplectic Euler for physics, gravitational physics simulation using implicit Euler, sphereical collision detection, and Key-Framed Animation using Catmull-Rom spline curves.

When the player first starts the game, they see a yellow curtain blocking thier view.

Then when the player hits 's' to start the game, the curtain slides open. When the curtain opens all the way, the game starts. The object of the game is to shoot the different color balls and helicopters out of the sky by launching red balls at them. To launch a ball, the player presses the space bar. For rapid fire, the player can hold down the space bar. To aim, the player clicks and drags the mouse.

A game lasts for 30 seconds. Three targets are launched every second and the helicopter appears five seconds after the game starts, then 5 seconds after the last time it was on the screen. If a target goes too far to the left or right, it will bounce off invisible walls so that all the objects are in the players view at the same time. Whenever the player hits a target, it explodes. The player gets one point for hitting a ball and three points for hitting a helicopter. After 30 seconds of play, the curtain closes signifying the end of the game.

External Libraries

The only external library I used was Eigen.