3D Roller Coaster Tycoon 4: Beta

by Torrin Smith


Build your own roller coasters! Starts off with a flat roller coaster in a loop with many control points. Use the 'c'/'C' keys to toggle the selected control point. Use the 'u'/'d'/'l'/'r'/'f'/'b' keys to move the selected control point up/down/left/right/forward/back, respectively. Moving the control points changes the shape of the roller coaster track, allowing you to customize a roller coaster track. Press the space bar to start the roller coaster.

This game utilizes several key areas of 3D graphics animation, including splines(Catmull-Rom), interpolation, and physically-based animation (gravity). Catmull-Rom splines were used to draw the track, using the control points to define the shape of the track. Interpolation was used to draw the coaster carts along the track, based on the time. Physically-based animation was used to implement gravity effects on the roller coaster (positive accelaration downhill, negative uphill).