Super Cheb - Thomas Sanford

What is Super Cheb?

Super Cheb is less of a game and more of a simulator. There are no win/lose states. The player just gets control of Super Cheb and can walk or fly around the area. Super Cheb has a cape, differentiating him from a non-super Cheb. His cape is controlled with a physics based cloth simulation while Super Cheb himself is animated using skeletal animation.


This project uses code from in class labs that has been tweaked to fit this purpose and to work in a GLFW context. The model for Super Cheb is a collada(.dae) file created from the provided .obj file. The animations were done in Maya. To import the file I re-purposed a previous class I had written that makes use of the Assimp libray. There is a combination of glm and Eigen usage due my being more familiar with glm but having some things that necessitated the use of Eigen.