Cheb Dance Party

By: Alyssa Compania for CPE 474 Final Project

Project Description

This program is a mini game that uses skinning and boning techniques taught in class. The mini game is based on a game called Dance Dance Revolution. Letters scroll up the screen, and the player needs to press the right letter at when is it inside the box to score.

What can the user do?
The user has control of Chubs (the cheb model) using the WASD keys. Chubs will perform a dance move when the player hits certain scores. Pressing spacebar will cancel Chubs' move and return him to his "resting" move.

Starting the program
When the program begins, the game will not automatically start. The player has to press 'p' to start the game.

The game

This is just a picture at the beginning of the game.


This is a picture during the game.

Program Controls

Listed below are the contols to the program. Please see the notes section for more information

p - starts the game

Game controls
w - makes w disappear when in box
s - makes a disappear when in box
a - makes s disappear when in box
d - makes d disappear when in box

spacebar - brings back Chubs into resting move (see note)

1 - cycles through dance move #1
2 - cycles through dance move #2
3 - cycles through dance move #3
(see notes for dance moves)

esc - quits out of the program

Notes Regarding This Program

Resting Move
The resting move is just Chubs swaying back and forth and occasionally snapping his fingers.

Dance Moves
When pressing the numbers to see the dance moves, keep the numbers held down. releasing the numbers will stop the animation and Chubs will stop animating. Press the spacebar to return Chubs in his resting position

Once the game starts, you cannot pause or restart. To restart, quit out of the program and restart again. Once the letter stop appearing, the game is finished.

References Used

Given code by Prof. Sueda;
code from past labs:
models given in class. e.i cheb model