Apache Helicopter vs. Dragon

Mandy Chan • CPE474 Final Project • Professor Sueda, Shinjiro
Project Description

This project is an apache helicopter versus dragon simulator.

Features Include:
  • Particles
  • Collision Bounding Box
  • Splines
  • Quaternions
Usage Guide:
  • WASD to move forward, left, backwards, and right.
  • Q to go down, E to go up.
  • Press '1' to shoot a missile. It will automatically reload once it hits the dragon.
  • For purposes of clearly seeing the missile paths, the camera rotation isn't locked. Therefore, holding the left button and dragging will rotate the camera.

Apache Helicopter vs. Dragon

Showcasing missiles following a spline to the dragon

The spline end location is randomly generated from the dragon's position

Showcasing Apache helicopter's quaternion movement

See It in Action

The following clip is what my final project is inspired from.

References and Frameworks