CSCE 411 Design and Analysis of Algorithms

Spring 2019
Course Information

Meeting time and place: Instructor: Andreas Klappenecker
Office: HRBB 509B
Office Hours: T 10:30am-11:30am, W 11:00-noon
e-mail: klappi at

Teaching Assistant: Pulakesh Upadhyaya
Office: HRBB 526
Office Hours: T 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm, W 9:30 am - 11:00 am
e-mail: pulakesh at

General Information




T Jan 15Introduction, review Chapter 3 and Appendix A
R Jan 17Lower Bounds, Chapter 8.1 and slides
T Jan 22Lower Bounds, Chapter 8.1 and slides
R Jan 24Divide and Conquer, Chapter 4
T Jan 29Divide and Conquer, Chapter 30
R Jan 31Divide and Conquer, Quiz
T Feb 05Greedy Algorithms, Chapter 16
R Feb 07Greedy Algorithms, Chapter 16
T Feb 12Dynamic Programming, Review, Chapter 15
R Feb 14Midterm 1
T Feb 19Midterm 1 solution, Dynamic Programming
R Feb 21Amortized Analysis
T Feb 26Amortized Analysis
R Feb 28Graph Algorithms, BFS
T Mar 05Graph Algorithms, DFS, Topological Sorting
R Mar 07Strongly Connected Components
T Mar 12Spring Break
R Mar 14Spring Break
T Mar 19Graph Algorithms, Randomized Algorithms
R Mar 21Randomized Algorithms, Quiz on Graph Algorithms
T Mar 26Randomized Algorithms, Review
R Mar 28Midterm exam 2
T Apr 02Randomized Algorithms
R Apr 04Randomized Algorithms
T Apr 09Complexity Theory, Quiz on Randomized Algorithms
R Apr 11Complexity Theory
T Apr 16Complexity Theory
R Apr 18Complexity Theory, Quiz
T Apr 23Computability
R Apr 25Review

Lecture Notes and Slides

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