CSC/CPE 474 2016W
Instructor: Shinjiro Sueda
(3 votes per student. Projects with the same number of votes are ordered randomly.)
Brio Train Track Builder

Drew Schulz

14 votes
Pullup Man

Patrick Riordan

7 votes
Hole in One

Jonathan Lin

7 votes
Runners Up
Principles of Animation: Musical Keyboard

Elliot Fiske

6 votes
Cheb Interpolated

Ian Smith-Grove

4 votes
Baby You're a Firework

Ian Meeder

4 votes
Left Shark Frenzy

Keenan Reimer

2 votes
Jello Simulator 1.0

Peter Godkin

2 votes
Honorable Mentions
Skinned Crowd

Trevor Hendron


Corbin Gruber

Bridge Mayhem

Michael Lenz

Map Cam: View From the Top

Lana Hodzic

Tupinambis Skinambis

Alex Miller

Chicken Disco Dancer

Brandon Clark

Fishing for Programmers

Michael Granneman