Peter Godkin

For this project I made 3D gelatin simulation. To do this I made a 3D grid of points and placed springs between adjacent and diagonal points. When rendering I used only the points on the outer surface to draw quads. This made for a nice and bouncy cube.

The point of the game is to feed the floating head jello by launching it into his mouth. You press space to start/pause and can reset at anytime with the 'r' key. You can press 't' to display the direction you're aiming and adjust your aim with 'wasd'. Then you can press 'k' to launch the jello.

One problem I ran into when I wanted to make it look less like a rubber cube and more like a jello one was when I decreased the stiffness of the springs too much they could get inverted and stuck as pictured below. I think I could have solved this problem by also putting springs between every other vertex so that even when one point went past another, the new spring would push/pull it back into place.