Bridge Mayham

Bridge physics simulation useing a mass-spring system

Created by Michael Lenz

Video of simulations



Derrived from the cloth simulation of Lab 10, the cloth springs where converted into what I called bridge links. There were two types of bridge links steel beams that are very light and very stiff and street links that are heavy and less stiff but can be collided with by the physics particles


Strain is calculated via this equation: E = (l-L)/L, links are colored based on how much strain they are under green being little to no strain and bright red being about enough to break.


When a link is under enough strain It will break. Where it breaks is always an end point chosed based on the forces acting on each current end point, a new end point is created in that points place effectively severing any connection to any other links that endpoint had.

Physics Particles

Pressing the 'n' key spawns new physics particles into the simulation, these particles will collide with the street links of the bridge and add a force to their endpoints based on the particles weight.


Collision is done useing sphere to line segment calculations on every link that is cappalble of being collided with. In this simulation that is only the street links.