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For interested grad students

What I Look For in a Student

My research group is essentially a guild; you learn as much by "hanging around" working on projects and with me as you do from classes and more formal learning experiences.

I look for someone who

  • Can demonstrate familiarity with and passionate for our work
  • Has a history of excellence
  • Wants to have the first or best solution to a meaningful problem
  • Enjoys connecting the dots between disciplines
  • Will be grounded in artificial intelligence and cognitive engineering
  • Expects to go into academia or a major R&D position


All funding is conditional on availability of funding and maintaining satisfactory performance in the CSE department and in my group. Funding is generally reserved for PhD students.

I do not consider students for funding unless they have:

  • Taken my robotics course (offered each Spring) or equivalent survey of AI robotics OR completed a challenge project OR worked for me as an undergraduate
  • Two references
  • Attend the weekly research seminars for at least one semester prior to funding

The shortest path to funding for a new PhD student is to immediately join the research group seminar and begin assisting with a project, including helping prepare papers.


These expectations apply to all graduate students in the group, whether funded or not.

  • Produce 1 paper a semester after the first semester. Initially assist as co-author, but after the first year, serve as first author.
  • Produce 1 journal article a year. Initially assist as co-author, but after the first year, serve as first author.
  • Attend weekly research seminar and take turn as chair and a/v support.
  • Submit a research plan for the semester within the first week of the semester.
  • Meet all requirements for the university, college, and department.
  • Review papers or journal articles a year. Expect 1 to 5 papers in the first year and around 10 thereafter.
  • Assist with demonstrations and eventually design a demonstration to help educate pre-College students and attract them to computer science.
  • Serve as a mentor to newer students in the guild.
  • Assist with one workshop administration.
  • Intern or work at least one summer with industry or an agency. (Yes, I will help you find a position.)
  • Teach a mini-course on an area related to your PhD thesis and podcast it or teach a full academic course.

I expect everyone to the support the guild internally (be a team player) and externally (go team!), and to maintain the highest software engineering standards, scientific rigor, and personal integrity.

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