m Texas A&M University
    Sam Palermo
    Professor, Texas A&M University
    Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

m 10Gb/s VCSEL Eye
16Gb/s Optical Transceiver Chip


    Prof. Palermo's research focuses on developing novel, energy-efficient, high-performance mixed-signal integrated circuit architectures in nanometer CMOS technologies.

    PostDoc & Research Assistantship Opportunities
    Prof. Palermo currently has postdoc and research assistantship (RA) positions available in the areas of RF photonics, high-speed optical data communication transceivers (SERDES), high-speed electrical SERDES, and high-speed ADCs.

    Current Projects:

    Research Interests:

    • High-Speed Electrical Chip-to-Chip and On-Chip Interconnects
    • High-Speed Optical Interconnects
    • Clocking and Synchronization Circuits and Systems
    • Variation/Mismatch-Tolerant Analog Circuit Design
    • Sensor Circuits for Emerging Applications

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