Xiaoning Qian , Ph.D.

*Email: <xqian, ece.tamu.edu>

Associate Professor

Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Texas A&M University

MS 3128, TAMU

College Station, TX 77843


Office:   Wisenbaker Engineering Research Center (WERC) 205J

Phone:   +1-979-845-6268



Brief Biography

    I am currently in the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering at Texas A&M University . Before joining the department, I was in the Department of Computer Science & Engineering at the University of South Florida (USF).   I worked on biomedical image segmentation and shape-based image databases using statistical shape analysis in the Image Processing and Analysis Group (IPAG) at Yale University. I received my Ph.D. degree from Yale University.


For more updated information, please check my always under-construction homepage.


·  I am organizing the Bio-Seminar for Biomedical Imaging, Sensing & Genomic Signal Processing in the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering at Texas A&M. If you will be around College Station, I would certainly love to have you to give a talk and meet with our faculty and students.

·  My first edited book ``Emerging Research in the Analysis and Modeling of Gene Regulatory Networks'' can be found at Amazon.

Publication Errata

    The convergence proof in the recent retracted conference paper---Y Wang and X Qian, "Stochastic Coordinate Descent Frank-Wolfe Algorithm for Large-Scale Biological Network Alignment" in Proceedings of 2014 IEEE Global Conference on Signal and Information Processing (GlobalSIP'2014)---is not correct. Please consult the full paper at arXiv.


Research Interests

·  Bayeisan learning & experimental design:
    - Bayesian learning and analytic methods for large-scale data in life and materials science;
    - Bayesian computation for optimal experimental design with model and data uncertainty.

·  Bioinformatics:
    - Analysis and intervention in biological networks;
    - Functional data analysis on genomic and proteomic datasets.

·  Biomedical image processing and analysis:
    - Image segmentation and robust boundary finding;
    - Shape-based similarity retrieval in multimedia databases.

I am currently recruiting for graduate students. Research Assistantship (RA) positions will be offered to outstanding students who are hard-working and motivated. Interested candidates should email their CVs, transcripts, and brief research statements. [Note] I apologize but I may not have time to reply to all the inquiry emails. However, I do reply to the students who have applied for admissions to our department if you have all the requested documents in your inquiry emails.



    ECEN 303.501 Random Signals and Systems:  Fall 2013 -- 2015; Spring 2017

·         Introduction to fundamental concepts of probability theory and their applications in engineering problems

    ECEN 333.501 At the Interface of Engineering and Life Sciences :  Spring 2015 -- 2019

·         Overview of electrical and computer engineering principles that are being applied to various areas in life sciences to address emerging grand challenges

    ECEN 765.600 Machine Learning with Networks :  Spring 2014, 2015; Fall 2016 -- 2018

·         Introduction to basics of machine learning, focusing on state-of-the-art research with structured data


    CISE 6930.002 Computational Molecular Biology:  Spring 2010

·         Introduction to major topics in bioinformatics and computational biology

    CISE 4930.007/6930.002 Data Mining in Bioinformatics:  Spring 2011

·         Introduction to basic data mining and machine learning techniques and their applications

    GMS 7930 Bioinformatics (I & II):  Fall 2011, 2012

·         Introduction to basic topics in bioinformatics (lead lecturer: Dr. Vladimir N. Uversky)

    CISE 4930.007/6930.002 Biological Network Analysis:  Spring 2012

·         Introduction to basic methods to analyze topology and dynamics of network systems

    CISE 6930.002 Machine Learning:  Spring 2013

·         Introduction to Bayesian learning methods in statistical learning


Current Students

    - Siamak Zamani Dadaneh (PhD student 2014 – present);
    - Meltem Apaydin (PhD student 2015 – present);
    - Kai He (PhD student 2015 – present);
    - Ehsan Hajiramezanali (PhD student 2016 – present);
    - Guang Zhao (PhD student 2016 – present);
    - Randy Ardywibowo (PhD student 2017 – present; REU student 2016 – 2017);

    - Xiaoqian Jia (MS student 2017 – present);
    - Xueting Liu (MS student 2017 – present);


    - Seyed Javad Sajjadi (PhD – defended summer 2014, co-advising with Dr. Bo Zeng; Current employment: Data scientist at Precima, Inc.; LoyaltyOne);
    - Yijie Wang (PhD – defended summer 2015; First employment: Post-doc at NIH/NCBI);
    - Amin Ahmadi Adl (PhD – defended summer 2015; Current employment: Data scientist at Microsoft);
    - Meng Lv (PhD – defended fall 2015; First employment: Assistant professor at Tianjin University);
    - Shaogang Ren (PhD – defended fall 2017; First employment: Baidu Research Lab.);
    - Chung-Chi "Charles" Tsai (PhD – defended spring 2018; First employment: Qualcomm);

    - Zhou Wang (MS – defended fall 2016; First employment: FactSet Research System);
    - Fan Liu (MS – defended fall 2018);
    - Qing Jin (MS – defended fall 2018).

    - Dario Avendano Ovalle (Undergraduate researcher – 2017 - 2018).

Selected Recent Publications

    Please check my Google Scholar page for a more complete list of publications.

·         Xiaoning Qian and Edward R. Dougherty,
"Bayesian regression with network prior: Optimal Bayesian filtering perspective," [Paper]
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·         Meltem Apaydin, Bo Zeng, Xiaoning Qian,
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·         Shaogang Ren, Shuai Huang, John Onofrey, Xenophon Papademetris, Xiaoning Qian,
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