Open Positions at CSE@TAMU

Professor Xia "Ben" Hu from Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Texas A&M University is looking for PhD students who are interested in pursuing Data Mining and Machine Learning research, especially Automated Machine Learning, Interpretable Machine Learning and Network Analytics. Also, self-funded visiting students/scholars are welcome to apply. More information could be found in


Students from Computer Science/Software Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Statistics, Mathematics or other related disciplines are strongly encouraged to apply. If you are interested in the positions, please feel free to contact Dr. Hu at Here are some suggestions in preparing the email:

  • Use Subject Line as: $TermYouApply Prospective Students $YourName
  • Please highlight your publications (if applicable), GPA/ranking, TOEFL and GRE scores, and anything important
  • Attach your CV
  • I will carefully read every email, but please understand that I cannot afford to reply all of them
For PhD applicants, at the same time, please also apply to the graduate program at The start dates of the positions are flexible, i.e., Spring or Fall semesters.