Principal Investigator

Prof. Sebastian Hoyos
Associate Professor, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Analog and Mixed-Signal Center
Advanced Mixed-Signal Interfaces Laboratory

Texas A&M University, College Station
3128 TAMU -315D WERC
College Station, TX 77843

Office: (979) 862-4253
Phone: (302) 652-4616


Doctorate Students

  • Oscar Barajas
    Expected graduation date: Spring 2019

  • Amir Tofighi
    Expected graduation date: Spring 2018

  • Shiva Kiran
    Expected graduation date: Spring 2017

  • Jun Zhou, PhD.
    Dissertation Title: Sparsity-Aware Low-Power ADC Architecture with Advanced Reconstruction Algorithms ""
    Fall 2014. Now with Broadcom.

  • Ehab Abdel Ghany, PhD.
    Dissertation Title: "Linearity And Noise Improvement Techniques Employing Low Power In Analog And RF Circuits And Systems"
    Fall 2012. Now with Qualcomm.

  • Ramy Saad, PhD.
    Dissertation Title: "Jitter-Tolerance And Blocker-Tolerance Of Delta-Sigma Analog-to-Digital Converters For Saw-Less Multi-Standard Receivers"
    Fall 2012. Now with Qualcomm.

  • Xi Chen, PhD.
    Dissertation Title:"Sub-Nyquist Rate Sampling Data Acquisition Systems Based on Compressive Sensing"
    May 2011. Now with Broadcom Corporation.

  • Zhuizhuan Yu, PhD.
    Dissertation Title: "Digitally-Assisted Wideband Mixed-Signal Compressive Sensing"
    May 2011. Now with Texas Instruments Inc.

Masters Students

  • Hemant Raghavan, MEN.
    Fall 2011. Now with Qualcomm.

  • Jingxuan Gong, MEN
    Fall 2011. Now with Qualcomm.

  • Pradeep Kotte, MS
    Dissertation Title: “Joint Synchronization and Calibration of Multi-channel Transform-domain Charge Sampling Receivers”, Spring 2009. Now with Linear Technologies Inc.

  • Mandar Kulkarni, MS.
    Dissertation Title: “Implementation of a 1GHZ Frontend Using Transform Domain Charge Sampling Techniques”, Fall 2008. Now with Cactus Custom Analog Design Inc.

  • Xi Chen, MS.
    Dissertation Title: “Design of the Transconductance Amplifier For Frequency Domain Sampling Receiver”, Spring 2009. Now with Broadcomm after earning his Ph.D. in my group.

  • Krishna Srikanth Pentakota, MS.
    Dissertation Title: “Digitally Assisted Multi-Channel Receivers, Summer 2010. Now with Silicon Labs.

  • Karthik Raviprakash, MS.
    Dissertation Title: “Area Discrete-Time Down-Sampling Filter Embedded with Windowed Integration Samplers”, Summer 2010. Now with Broadcom Corporation.

Visiting Scholars

Fabio Guerrero
Juan Manuel Rey
John Richard Hizon