Aggie Graphics Seminar

Fall 2019: Wednesdays 3:00 - 4:00

Date Location Presenter Title
8/28HRBB 302
Zhipei Yan
Reversible Harmonic Maps between Discrete Surfaces
9/4EAB-C 118B
Demo Day!
9/11HRBB 302
Yura Hwang
Learning a model of facial shape and expression from 4D scans
9/18HRBB 302
Nick Milef
Shading Atlas Streaming
9/25HRBB 302
Ying Wang
Synthesis of Biologically Realistic Human Motion Using Joint Torque Actuation
10/2EAB-C 118C
Demo Day!
10/9HRBB 302
Hang Li
Weaving Geodesic Foliations
10/16HRBB 302
Brennen Taylor
A Forward Scattering Dipole Model From a Functional Integral Approximation
10/23HRBB 302
Marcel Santos
Semantic Photo Manipulation with a Generative Image Prior
10/30HRBB 302
Qinbo Li
Local Light Field Fusion: Practical View Synthesis with Prescriptive Sampling Guidelines
11/6EAB-C 118B
Demo Day!
11/13HRBB 302
Logan Zhou
Learning to Reconstruct Shape and Spatially-Varying Reflectance from a single Image
11/20HRBB 302
Avinash Paliwal
Handheld Multi-Frame Super-Resolution
11/27No seminar
12/4EAB-C 118C
Demo Day!