Assignment 0 (Part 1) - 3D Printers Report

Due date Monday, 10/9 at 11:59 pm. You must work individually.


Imagine you were given some funds for purchasing a 3D printer. What printers would you consider purchasing? There are many considerations, including:

You may want to check not only the manufacturers' websites but also 3rd party reviews as well as user/developer forums. Please remember to cite all references.

Pick two printers that you would consider purchasing. Write a PDF report comparing the printers. Use a separate section for each of the main points above (Cost, Resolution, etc.). You may add more sections if you think of more points of discussion.

At the top of your report, clearly name the two printers, and which one you think is the best.

What to hand in

For this assignment, please only submit just the PDF file. It should be named NETID.pdf (your email ID; e.g., sueda.pdf).

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