Crash Course


Overall Goal

The goal of this project is to create a mini game. The objective of the game is to survive as long as you possibly can by trying to dodge objects. The player is put into a small square arena where there are objects moving around and bouncing off of the walls. The player is able to move around in order to dodge the objects.


Techniques Used

1.     Free Look Camera

I used a free look camera to create a first person view of the player. WASD keys are used for camera movements. Mouse movements are used to determine the direction at which the camera is looking at.




2.     Collision Detection

A simple square bounding box is used for each object to help implement collision detection. In order to implement detection collision, one objectÕs bounding box is compared to the camera and if there is an overlapping point with the camera, then there is a collision.



3.     Particles

Particles are used to simulate collision. Whenever the player gets hit or hits an object, the object will turn into particles and these particles will explode into small tiny spheres.




One of the difficulties that I encountered was figuring out how to implement collision detection. Since some objects have irregular shapes such as the bunny object, I had to create simple bounding boxes to reduce the amount of difficulty implement collision detection.


Another difficulty that I face was how to render the particles and the remaining objects at the same time. In order to go around this problem, instead of rendering both events, I just made the remaining objects disappear and just rendered the particles since the player lose the game whenever he/she hits one of the objects anyway.



[1] Free Look Camera

[2] Collision Detection