CPE471 – Project “Rabbit Hunter”


1.   Goal

The Goal of the project is to develop a first person shooter game that allow the player to hunt rabbits. The rabbits should have some “AI” to dodge bullets. The game should have all the elements of a first person shooter, including the first person view, smooth movement and more.

2.   Difficulties

a.    AI

I tried first to just let the rabbit randomly move on a direction at every step. But the result is that, rabbit will stay where it is shaking. Then I setup a direction vector and speed vector, the rabbit will allows move to its direction, which gets updated every 2 second. This allows the rabbit to move randomly dodging bullets.

b.   Bullet

Bullet didn’t actually give me too much difficulty. I just used the formula to generate the “Camera front vector”. It worked nicely.

c.    Movement

To implement a smooth movement. I check the time passed between each render and use the time passed to adjust the amount of movement. This allow the Player to be moving exactly at the same speed on different machines and different load.

3.   References

a.    Just the assignment 4

4.   Demo