Run of the Thwomp Thwomp Icon

by Brian Quezada

My graphics application is a platformer where you change gravity in a manner similar to Gravity Guy. You can move left and right and flip gravity when on the ground by hitting spacebar. If you fall past the bounds, you lose. If you reach the end, you win.

Red orbs are hazards, and will cost you the game. The green orb at thee end is the goal, andwill win you the game.

Features completed:

This is the level I designed.


The biggest obstacle to overcome were collision detection and text. For collision detection, I used a bounding box on all the blocks that were checked against the bounding box of the player. For the orbs, I used a sphere collision detection which checked the radii of the character and the orbs.

For text, I avoided using a text library and instead used a basic plane object which had the text as a texture. This text was drawn in front of the camera when the player wins or loses (which the repective texture). Below I show how the text appears when playing, as well as a behind the scenes look of what models are being created for the scene.

textbehind the scenes