Aquarium Simulator


This is the final project for CPE 471 in Spring 2016: Introduction to Graphics with Dr. Shinjiro Sueda.

I'm Atticus, a second year computer science student at Cal Poly SLO. This project is a simple (emphasis on simple) simulator that uses freelook, Blinn-Phong shading, and alpha blending to create an underwater world. Something like an aquarium, but perhaps bigger. There are fish and whales swimming about, and you are free to move and look around the world. The overall goal of this project was to combine the techniques that we've learned via labs and demos. Specifically, I wanted to create a world that incorporated movement as well as some shading techniques.

A technical difficulty I encoutnered along the way was with alpha blending. I had a difficult time getting the math correct. But I was able to implement this by getting the math correct with Dr. Sueda's help. In the end, I was able to make the world blue and with limited visibility, as if the camera were underwater. One difficulty I encountered was implementing the Particle class of Lab 11 into this project. I wanted the particles to resemble bubbles that would come from the whales' blowholes. I had difficulty getting the second shader to handle the particles to work. Another time.

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