Graphics Seminar
Spring 2013 Schedule

Location: ETB 3002
Time: 3pm-4pm Thursday

1/31 Data-driven Finger Motion Synthesis for Gesturing Characters Peizhao
2/7 A Probabilistic Model for Component-Based Shape SynthesisDonghui
2/14 Canceled
2/21 Large-scale Fluid Simulation using Velocity-Vorticity Domain Decomposition Ruoguan
2/28 DressUp! Outfit Synthesis Through Automatic Optimization Fuhao
3/7 Adaptive Cross-sections of Anatomical Models Daniel
3/21 Falling and Landing Motion Control for Character Animation Jianjie
3/28 An Algebraic Model for Parameterized Shape Editing Lei
4/4Naive Ray Tracing: A Divide-And-Conquer Approach Josiah
4/11 Digital Reconstruction of Halftoned Color Comics Shu-Wei
4/18 Interference-Aware Geometric Modeling Jason
4/25 Fluid Simulation Using Laplacian Eigenfunctions Billy
5/2 Global parametrization by incremental flattening Songgang