Graphics Seminar
Spring 2012 Schedule

Location: ETED 3002
Time: 3pm-4pm Friday

1/27 Motion Reconstruction Using Sparse Accelerometer Data Peizhao
2/3 Sketch-based Dynamic Illustration of Fluid Systems Donghui
2/10 Locomotion Skills for Simulated Quadrupeds Jianyuan
2/17 Realtime Performance-Based Facial Animation Yen-Lin
2/24 Efficient sparse voxel octrees Billy
3/2 2.5D Cartoon Models Ozgur
3/9 Rendering Framework for Multi-Scale Views of 3D Models Daniel
3/23 crdbrd: Shape Fabrication by Sliding Planar Slices Shu-Wei
3/30 Slices: A Shape-proxy Based on Planar Sections Jason
4/6Markerless Motion Capture of Interacting Characters Using Multi-view Image Segmentation Jianjie
4/11 A multigrid fluid pressure solver handling separating solid boundary conditions Ruoguan
4/20 Multi-scale Image Harmonization Lei
4/27 OverCoat: An Implicit Canvas for 3D Painting Songgang
5/4 The area perspective transform: A homogeneous transform for efficient in-volume queries Josiah