Graphics Seminar
Spring 2011 Schedule

Location: HRBB 302
Time: 3pm-4pm Friday

1/28 Towards Utilizing GPUs in Information Visualization Derek
2/4 Cancelled
2/11 Cone Carving for Surface Reconstruction Daniel
2/18 Animation Wrinkling: Augmenting Coarse Cloth Simulations With Realistic-Looking Wrinkles Shu-Wei
2/25 Personal photo enhancement using example images Donghui
3/4 Editing Operations for Irregular Vertices in Triangle Meshes Qing
3/11 Volumetric modeling with diffusion surfaces Josiah
3/25 Example-based Facial Rigging Yen-Lin
4/1 Motion-based Video Retargeting with Optimized Crop-and-Warp Hui
4/8 Street Slide: Browsing Street Level Imagery Kevin
4/15 Improved Variational Guiding of Smoke Animations Ruoguan
4/22 Preserving topology and elasticity for embedded deformable models Billy
4/29 Sampling-based Contact-rich Motion Control Jianyuan
5/6 SmartBoxes for interactive urban reconstruction Jason
5/13 Parallel Poisson Disk Sampling with Spectrum Analysis on Surfaces Lei