Graphics Seminar
Spring 2010 Schedule

Location: HRBB 302
Time: 2pm-3pm Friday

1/29 Motion Overview of Human Actions Jianyuan
2/5 Optimal Gait and Form for Animal Locomotion Kevin
2/12 A Mass Spring Model for Hair Simulation Cem
2/19 Spatiotemporal Analysis of Sensor Logs using Growth Ring Maps Derek
2/26 Packing Circles and Spheres on Surfaces Eric
3/5 Optimizing Photo Composition Yen-Lin
3/12 Relief Analysis and Extraction Qing
3/26 Shape-aware Volume Illustration Daniel
3/31 Abstraction of Man-Made Shapes Mayank
4/7 Real-Time Prosody-Driven Synthesis of Body Language Hui
4/16 Self-Organizing Tree Models for Image Synthesis Josiah
4/20 Computing Handle and Tunnel Loops on Surfaces (1:30-2:30)Kuiyu Li
4/23 Shadow Art Shu-Wei
4/30 Direct Manipulation of Subdivision Surfaces on GPUs Lei
5/7 Modular Bases for Fluid Dynamics Ruoguan
5/14TBA Kristi Potter
5/21Emerging Images Keith