Graphics Seminar
Fall 2013 Schedule

Location: ETB 3002
Time: 3pm-4pm Wednesdays

9/4 Deformable objects alive! Donghui
9/11 A new grid structure for domain extension Billy
9/18 L1-Medial Skeleton of Point Cloud Daniel
9/25 Globally Optimal Direction Fields Songgang
10/2 Planar Shape Interpolation with Bounded Distortion Lei
10/9 Quantum B-splines Ron Goldman
10/16Phase-Based Video Motion Processing Josiah
10/23 Subspace Fluid Re-Simulation Ruoguan
10/30 Realtime Facial Animation with On-the-fly Correctives Fuaho
11/6 Rectangling Panoramic Images via Warping Jason
11/20 Synthesis of Detailed Hand Manipulations Using Contact Sampling Jianjie