Graphics Seminar
Fall 2012 Schedule

Location: ETB 3002
Time: 3pm-4pm Monday

9/10 Reflections on Simultaneous Impact Donghui
9/17 Robust Modeling of Constant Mean Curvature Surfaces Songgang
9/24 Guided Exploration of Physically Valid Shapes for Furniture Design Shu-Wei
10/1 High-quality passive facial performance capture using anchor frame Yen-Lin
10/8 Spacetime Expression Cloning for Blendshapes Fuhao
10/15 Image Smoothing via L0 Gradient Minimization Lei
10/22 Generalized Swept Mid-structure for Polygonal Models Jason
10/29 Linear-Time Smoke Animation with Vortex Sheet Meshes Ruoguan
11/5 Multiscale Vector Volumes Daniel
11/12 On Filtering the Noise from the Random Parameters in Monte Carlo Rendering Josiah
11/19 Continuous Character Control with Low-Dimensional Embeddings Peizhao
11/26 Interactive Indirect Illumination using Voxel Cone Tracing Billy
12/3 HelpingHand: Example-based stroke stylization Jianjie
12/10 Video-Based 3D Motion Capture through Biped Control Jianyuan
12/17 Stitch Meshes for Modeling Knitted Clothing with Yarn-level Detail Shiyu