Graphics Seminar
Fall 2011 Schedule

Location: HRBB 302
Time: 2pm-3pm Friday

9/9 Parallel Poisson Disk Sampling with Spectrum Analysis on Surfaces Lei
9/16 Automatic Reconstruction of Tree Skeletal Structures from Point Clouds Daniel
9/23 Motion Capture From Body-Mounted Cameras Hui
9/30 Invisible Seams Josiah
10/7 Exact and Robust (Self-)Intersections for Polygonal Meshes Songgang
10/14 Depixelizing Pixel Art Jason
10/21 Real-Time Eulerian Water Simulation Using a Restricted Tall Cell Grid Ruoguan
10/28 Solid Simulation with Oriented Particles Shu-Wei
11/4 Motion Fields for Interactive Character Locomotion Jianyuan
11/11 High Resolution Passive Facial Performance Capture Yen-Lin
11/18 Discrete Element Textures Donghui
12/2 Visual Readability Analysis: How to Make Your Writings Easier to Read Derek