Graphics Seminar
Fall 2010 Schedule

Location: HRBB 302
Time: 3pm-4pm Friday

9/3 Incremental Parametric Refinement for Progressive Lossless mesh compression Daniel
9/10 Adaptive Wavelet Rendering Josiah
9/17 Ambient Point Clouds for View Interpolation Jason
9/22 Real-Time Hand-Tracking with a Color Glove Hui
10/1 Generalized Biped Walking Control Kevin
10/8 Dynamic Local Remeshing for Elastoplastic Simulation Billy
10/15 Paneling Architectural Freeform Surfaces Mayank
10/22 Spatial Relationship Preserving Character Motion Adaptation Jianyuan
10/29 Barycentric Coordinates on Surfaces Lei
11/5 A novel algorithm for incompressible flow using only a coarse grid projection Ruoguan
11/12 Discrete Scale Axis Representations for 3D Geometry Eric
11/19 Reconstructing Surfaces of Particle-Based Fluids using Anisotropic KernelsShu-Wei
12/3 A Wave-based Anisotropic Quadrangulation Method Qing
12/10 Towards Utilizing GPUs in Information Visualization Derek
12/17 Camouflage Images Keith