Graphics Seminar
Fall 2008 Schedule

Location: HRBB 302
Time: 4pm-5pm Monday or Wednesday depending on when CPSC 681 meets

Notice that the dates are approximate and will be chosen to avoid the 681 seminar.

9/3 Automating joiners Mayank
9/8 Backward steps in rigid body simulation Shu-wei
9/15 Motion patches: building blocks for virtual environments annotated with motion data Jianyuan
9/24 Face Swapping: Automatically Replacing Faces in Photographs Yen-Lin
10/1 VideoTrace: Rapid interactive scene modelling from video Kevin
10/8 Visual Analysis of Network Traffic for Resource Planning, Interactive Monitoring, and Interpretation of Security Threats Derek
10/13 681 Seminar: Reconstructing Solid Models from Oriented Point Sets - FFT vs. Poisson Misha Kazhdan
10/22 Performance Capture from Sparse Multi-view Video Hui
10/27 Skeleton Extraction by Mesh Contraction Eric
11/5 Perfect Spatial Hashing Josiah
11/10 681 Seminar: Computation of Centroidal Voronoi Tessellation Wenping Wang
11/12 681 Seminar: Biomechanically Inspired Computer Animation Karen Liu
11/19 Efficient Multiple Scattering in Hair Using Spherical Harmonics Cem
11/24 Surface Reconstruction Using Local Shape Priors Keith
12/3 Segmentation-free Skeletonization of Grayscale Volumes for Shape Understanding David