Computer Graphics
Fall 2023
Instructor: Nima Kalantari

Course information

Time and location: MWF 1:50 - 2:40 pm in ZACH 350
Office hours: MW 3:00 - 4:00
Office location: Peterson 406
Campuswire: Link in the syllabus

TA: Libing Zeng
Office hours: T 3:30 - 5:30, R 3:00 - 5:00, F 3:00 - 5:00
Location: Peterson 402

Grader: Shuyu Wang


This course is an introduction to the foundations of 3-dimensional computer graphics. Topics covered include 2D and 3D transformations, hidden surface removal and rasterization, shading, lighting models, and texture mapping. We also discuss geometric modeling and curves, as well as ray tracing.


The main prerequisite listed in the course description is CSCE 221. However, the students are expected to be comfortable with C/C++ as there will be significant amount of programming in this class. The students should also be familiar with linear algebra. A prior course in linear algebra (e.g., MATH 304) is more than sufficient.


The following books are recommended:

Fundamentals of Computer Graphics, by Steve Marschner, Peter Shirley, 4th Edition
The OpenGL® Programming Guide, by John Kessenich, Graham Sellers, and Dave Shreiner, 9th Edition

The readings from Fundamentals of Computer Graphics are referred to as MS (Marschner and Shirley).


Late Submissions

You will lose 20% from each assignment for each day that it is late. However, there will be 5 granted late days for the entire course. You are free to use it for any of the assignments. You will not get any bonuses for any of the unused late days. All the assignments are due at 11:59 pm on Canvas. Note that, one minute over and 23 hours over both count as one full day.

Academic Integrity

All the assignments in this class are individual. Therefore, all the codes need to be written by the student. If indicated in the assignment’s instruction, the use of external libraries for performing basic operations is allowed. However, using an outside source code is NOT permitted. Note that use of large language models like ChatGPT is considered an outside source and is NOT allowed. Moreover, collaborating with other students on assignments beyond general discussions is NOT allowed. In general, looking at other students’ code and/or written answers is NOT allowed. Posting the code on publicly available websites (e.g., GitHub), even after the assignment deadline, is NOT allowed. If the students have any questions regarding this issue, they should contact the instructor. The students should not post their code online even after the deadline for the assignment has passed.


Date Topic Slides Reading Assignments
Aug 21 Introduction and Overview pptx MS 1
Aug 23 Linear Algebra Overview pptx MS 2 & 5
Aug 25 Linear Algebra Overview See Above MS 2 & 5 HW 1 Out
Aug 28 Rendering Overview pptx
Aug 30 Rendering Overview See Above
Sep 1 Transformations (2D) pptx MS 6.1 & 6.3-4
Sep 4 Labor Day -- No Class
Sep 6 Transformations (3D) pptx MS 6.2 & 12.2 HW 1 Due
Sep 8 Transformations (3D) See Above MS 6.2 & 12.2 HW 2 Out
Sep 11 OpenGL pptx MS 17.1-9
Sep 13 Viewing Transformations pptx MS 7
Sep 15 Viewing Transformations See Above MS 7
Sep 18 Viewing Transformations See Above MS 7
Sep 20 Clipping and Viewport pptx MS 8.1.3-6 & 8.4
Sep 22 Clipping and Viewport See Above MS 8.1.3-6 & 8.4 HW 2 Due
Sep 25 Rasterizing Lines and Triangles pptx MS 8.1.1-2 & 8.2.1-3 & 2.7
Sep 27 Rasterizing Lines and Triangles See Above MS 8.1.1-2 & 8.2.1-3 & 2.7 HW 3 Out
Sep 29 Rasterizing Lines and Triangles See Above MS 8.1.1-2 & 8.2.1-3 & 2.7
Oct 2 Antialiasing pptx MS 9 & 8.3
Oct 4 Color pptx MS 19 & 20
Oct 6 Color See Above MS 19 & 20
Oct 9 Fall Break -- No Class
Oct 11 Shading and Texture Mapping pptx MS 10 & 11.1-4 HW 3 Due
Oct 13 Midterm Review pdf
Oct 16 Midterm
Oct 18 Shading and Texture Mapping See Above MS 10 & 11.1-4
Oct 20 Shading and Texture Mapping See Above MS 10 & 11.1-4
Oct 23 Shading and Texture Mapping See Above MS 10 & 11.1-4 HW 4 Out
Oct 25 Shading and Texture Mapping See Above MS 10 & 11.1-4
Oct 27 Shading and Texture Mapping See Above MS 10 & 11.1-4
Oct 30 Shadows pptx MS 11.4.4
Nov 1 Shadows See Above MS 11.4.4 HW 4 Due & HW 5 Out
Nov 3 Midterm Solution
Nov 6 Ray Tracing (Intro) pptx MS 4
Nov 8 Ray Tracing (Intro) See Above MS 4
Nov 10 Ray Tracing (Nuts and Bolts) pptx MS 4
Nov 13 Ray Tracing (Nuts and Bolts) See Above MS 4 HW 5 Due & HW 6 Out
Nov 15 Ray Tracing (Acceleration) pptx MS 12.3
Nov 17 Canceled
Nov 20 Geometry pptx MS 22.1 & 22.5
Nov 22 Reading Day -- No Class
Nov 24 Thanksgiving -- No Class
Nov 27 Curves and Surfaces pptx
Nov 29 Curves and Surfaces See Above MS 15 HW 6-1 Due
Dec 1 Review for Final pdf MS 15
Dec 4 Review for Final See Above HW 6-2 Due

*Schedule is subject to small changes.