Branch Prediction Competition

Click here for an 8MB tar file that contains the infrastructure for the branch prediction competition. Browse the contents of the infrastructure here.

This software is in a state of change, so check frequently for updates.

Contest Rules

This section will contain information about the rules of the contest. Here are some rules: Your predictor will be evaluated on a set of traces that have not been distributed. That is, you will design your predictor with the distributed traces on this web site, but a different set will be used to rank the traces and determine the winner. This is to avoid having your algorithm be tuned too precisely to a given set of traces so that it will be a more general branch predictor.

What to Turn In

Email a PDF file containing your project writeup and your C++ header file my_predictor.h to the teaching assistant on or before the deadline (to be announced). Your writeup will be graded according to the same standards as all of the other projects: it must be a conference-quality paper describing how your predictor works in your own words, with references to the relevant literature (at least 3 citations). Your code must be well-commented. It must compile cleanly under Linux with g++ version 3.3.5. It must run without errors. It is recommended that you consult with the professor to make sure your code will work well before the deadline. Late projects will not be accepted for any reason.

The Winner

The student with the most accurate predictor will receive a "valuable prize" to be determined later. The winner will be announced on the last day of class.

This page was written by Daniel A. Jiménez.