When Democritus of Abdera proposed the concept of the atom not everyone agreed that his theory is correct. Plato argued that the atoms forming an elephant or a crocodile never seem form different animals such as elediles and crocophants, and the great philosopher concluded that the concept of the atom must be flawed.

Efficient Decoherence Control Algorithms

Sponsor: NSF CCF 0218582
PI: Andreas Klappenecker
Duration: Aug 15, 2002- July 31, 2006.
This project investigates general classes of quantum error control codes and associated fault-tolerant operations to prevent derailing of computations on a quantum computer due to decoherence effects. The topics being explored in this project include i) the structure of nice error bases, ii) extensions of stabilizer codes, iii) Clifford codes, iv) efficient encoding, recovery, and decoding algorithms for quantum error control codes, and v) methods for the realization of fault tolerant operations.

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